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PlayLabel Records label night w/ JULES & MOSS live

WOOD - FRIDAY 17th APRIL - 11.30 P.M. / 7 A.M.

♢ Play Label Records label night ♢


JULES & MOSS live (Souvenir Music / Upon You Records // FR)
EXON BACON (Play label Records, Electronical Reeds)
RED'OUT (Play label Records)


WOOD, 1 chemin de la meute - 1000 Brussels




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Play Label Records label night at Alhambra
to Mar 28

Play Label Records label night at Alhambra

Play Label Records continue sa tournée de Showcases en passant par l'Alhambra à Mons pour un événement très spécial débutant à 20h et se terminant aux alentours de 3h du matin.
Afin de ravir vos oreilles nous avons décidé de booker Marquez ILL, l'artiste berlinois, patron de Voltage Musique Records qui a signé un remix du morceau Continental de Boss Axis sur le troisième release de Play Label Records..

Il évoluera aux cotés d'Exon Bacon et Red'Out, deux artistes Belges devenus des incontournables de ce label Bruxellois avec leurs sorties respectives, Watching Dogs et Butts & Pulp sur lesquels des artistes tels que Villanova, Yooj, Stefano Ritteri ou encore Jules & Moss ont signés des remixs variant entre house et deep techno.

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PlayLabel Records PLR005 Release party
to Mar 14

PlayLabel Records PLR005 Release party

After several years of electronic music involvement, Play Label finally created its own "etiquette" : Play Label Records.  

In less then a year, many young belgian talents have released their promising tracks on the imprint receiving both great remixes from international artistes ( Villanova, Stefano Riterri, Yooj..) and early supports by confirmed and well-established artists of the electronic music scene (Nhar, Troy Pierce, Timo Maas, Daniel Bortz, Remain, Rodriguez Jr. etc).

For its fifth release,  Play Label Records is pleased to welcome Latence, another great belgian dj and producer.  The four-track Nebula EP delivers some strong Deep techno vibes embellished with a melodic touch and dynamic bassline.

What better way to celebrate it than by throwing a release party in the basement of the Bazaar during Leftorium 5th birthday bash. Latence will be joined by both Exon Bacon and Red'Out for a musical journey through house, deep house and techno.

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Downtown Club
to Feb 12

Downtown Club

Downtown Club is back in the old cellars of the Barrio on Wednesday 11 February!

By the way, did you know the Big Bang happened on a wednesday? Or if you are a believer, god started creating our world on a wednesday.
The first time a man put a foot on the moon was on a wednesday as well, and everybody knows the famous Woodstock festival also took place on that day, a wednesday.
I mean even wednesdays were invented on a wednesday and guess what? The first head that rolled at the french revolution ... that was a wednesday.
Don't forget Mark Zukerberg invented facebook on a thursday but he was drunk, he remembered later it was a wednesday.
And not to be forgotten: the first time a man lit a fire, the placing of the Atomium last Bowl, the day Leonardo Da Vinci started painting La Joconde, Bob Marley's first joint, the discovery of America, Paris Hilton's first sextape, the first time E.T phoned home, coincidence? Don't think so...

Enough reasons to party on a wednesday, so let's dance to the music made by our residents & have drinks till the sun rises, yet again!

♦ SAVE THE DATE, WEDNESDAY 11th of February

♢ Play Label / Downtown Club

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