Having started out in 2000, DkA has been working on several side-project's such as Brussels Pony Club, The Lizzies, Comute and Kelket all of which have been released on various labels such as Lift Your Head Up , By Awake and Blank Slate.

Drawing his influences from hiphop, 70's funk and jazz, DkA fuses this together whilst maintaining a solid minimal tech and deep house feeling.

Recently, Berlin-based label Amselcom has released his first EP "Ps I Love You" and he released a collaboration with Igor Vicente on Mobilee Records and Get Physical. After a first collaboration with Play Label Records last fall for a remix on Boss Axis' EP, DkA joins the label-team for a four-track EP, Pamplemousse Bleu.

Oscillating between Deep House and Tech House, DkA delivers three equally excellent original tracks. From the hypnotic "Sum" until mysterious almost techno "Landing At Night", he immerses the listeners in his universe and his world. The EP closes on the Exon Bacon's remix that embarks us in a Deep Techno mood.

You can also find him on several remixes such as the one he made for Boss Axis on Play Label Records.



DkA on PlayLabel Records