PLR H03 Various Ep La Parenthèse House #3

We are delighted to be back with this third volume of La Parenthèse House series.

Vinyl : 04/03/19

Digital (bandcamp only) : 04/03/19

Press comments:

A1 > The 3rd V/A of the series opens with the slick summer house vibes of Parisian producer Tour-Maubourg. Iconic vox samples, rolling hats and an infectious organ lick provide the tracks core.

A2 > On the A side ‘Cheese’ continues on the summertime house tip with a high tempo pace and a flurry of strings layered over the beats which reminds a bit of the old school french touch embodied by the famous helmet guys. Expertly baked production here, akin to a mouthwatering melted cheese sandwich!

B1 > On the flip side Interstate takes an even more laid back approach, luscious chords and mesmerising stabs build to the crescendo before subtly dropping away into the breakdown a timely pause right before the track drops into the midsection. KH Mid Kool sets the tone for the B-Side with the whole package taking shape supremely.

B2 > Max Telaer rounds off proceedings for the V/A with another slick cut of deep house goodness, Volumes picking up perfectly where KH Mid Kool left off.

PLR013 Broke One Something To Believe In

In these cold times, we are so very please to introduce our new release 'Something to believe in'.

This stellar electronic Ep features two originals by Broke One alongside remixes by our local superstar Latence and the very trippy Strip Steve.

ps : Because of the amazing artwork on this release (thanks Polux one), there is only a very very limited number of vinyl available! 
Digital release might follow in the future but only on our bandcamp page. 
Conclusion: PREORDER your vinyl on our bandcamp if you want to make sure to get your copy ->

PLR H02 Various Ep La Parenthèse House #2

Brussels-based Play Label Records step up for the second instalment of their La Parenthèse House series.

The four track EP will be dropping both digital and vinyl.

On the A-side, Interstate delivers some irresistibly groovy house vibes, followed by Dancing Your Heartbeat, an even funkier track by Folamour.

The B-side is marked by a deeper and slightly more mellow atmosphere. Through House Resort by Siler and Flabaire, who have already been a part of the first La Parenthèse House edition, one dives into a loungy warmth. The final track comes from San Francisco born, Berlin based producer Yooj. He drops a multi-layered journey with a catching balance of emotional and percussion-driven energy.


PLR H01 Various Ep La Parenthèse House

Play Label Records notches up release number 11 in style with their first house offering of the summer.

It comes in the form of a maxi Various Artists release featuring four cuts of compelling house music that is both fresh and exciting from Flabaire, DkA, Martin Patino and Anthony Georges Patrice.

This is a truly sun kissed and breezy house package that will get everyone up on their feet and shaking their limbs.


With additional successes under such labels as Taub, Latence releases once again on Play Label Records for his fresh Superheated EP.

Collaborating ideas from his teen years in Belgium through the 90’s, with more progressive inspirations, Latence has materialized a unique style, which is a celebration of timeless dance music and it’s continued influences on forward-thinking artists.

Kicking things off with his title-track, Pablo flaunts a subtle build of off beat chords injected around playful and erratic acid house influences. A busy and varied concoction of sounds topped with provocative whispers.

Deeper Amplitude is the second of this four track EP, and as the name suggests, we are provided with ample bass, accompanied by snippets of melodic discord and a boisterous snare, fearless and rhythmic.

Metastable lays a minimalist percussive foundation, sporting a retro 70s synth that steals focus with its quirky pitch shifts, a classic example of Latence’s immense talent for blending influences across eras.

Latence closes with Acido Basic, an eccentric finale to this eclectic EP. Using exotic vocal sampling centered around chemical compounds, he simplifies his percussive layers to a clean texture, which form the bedrock for his experimentations.

PLR011 Exon DOORBELL (Incl remixes by Folamour & Martin Patiño)

Play Label Records is delighted to announce its 11th release including 2 original tracks by Exon Bacon and remixes by parisian Folamour and Italian-Berlin-Based-Currently-in-South-America Martin Patiño!

Following on from his well-received Crepuscule EP at the tale end of last year, the label's manager, Exon Bacon, returns to offer up Doorbell EP.

The title track is a gorgeous record of Chicago-tinged house awash with lush synths, downbeat chords and stuttered percussion.
Folamour’s ‘Dusty Fingers’ rework of ‘Doorbell’ sees the Frenchman on an old school tip; incorporating record scratches, chopped vocal samples and drum breaks giving the record a 90s hip-hop feel with a nod to crate diggers everywhere.

‘Forêt Bleue’ is a more stripped back affair, led by a drum machine jam that’s layered with solemn key changes and sounds of the forest. The track is punctured by a Balearic-like guitar breakdown that feels like we’ve stumbled into a clearing before setting off again into the trees, pace quickened. 
On remix duty Berlin-based Martin Patiño takes ‘Forêt Bleue’ to the dancefloor, injecting it with uplifting strings, hypnotic percussion and a bass-line that burrows into the conscience.

Doorbell EP is another feather in the cap of Play Label Records growing catalogue that can’t fail to light up dance floors in Brussels and beyond."

Enjoy & share.

PLR010 DkA Smoke & Whiskey


Play Label Records is delighted to announce its 10th release! 
This one has a particular flavor, a symbolic connation.
It reveals all the work and progress we have achieved since the launch of the label.

We are therefore very proud of this EP that includes 2 originals tracks by fantastic producer DkA and a remix by German equally amazing DASO.

Release date: 05.05.16


Play Label Records | PLR 009 | ODYSSEY

Play Label Records is proud to welcome back Red'Out for a brilliant new EP following on from the great success of his Butts & Pulp release back in June 2014. 
The tracks are also revisited by Denis Horvat and by Latence for some brilliant remixes.

Release date: 23 February, 2016

PLR008 Exon Bacon Crepuscule EP

Dear friends, as winter is approaching, we are thrilled to present our brand new EP that will warm you up in no time.

Two orginal tracks by Exon Bacon and two remixes, both equally amazing, by Cosmic Cowboys and by Dachshund.

Since we are not allowed to do anything anymore in Brussels, feel free to check the previews in order to instantely turn your living rooms into dancefloors.

From Locked down Brussels with Love.

PLR007 Unders Surroundings EP

Play Label Records hits release number seven in serious style with a new EP from Unders. featuring three cuts, one solo and two collaborations with Mark My Words and Raveilli, it is another essential offering from this always interesting label.

Unders is a talented Dutch producer who has put out great cuts on Spaniard AFFKT’s imprint Sincopat, and here the man named Duncan composes three classy deep house bombs for the Brussels-based label.

Fine opener Someone’s Ego is a broody house cut with lots of colourful and spiritual synths adding to the infectious groove below. Over the course of seven minutes this one really sucks you in.

The excellent ‘Lazynoise’ is a more uptempo and physical track with silky smooth chords and synths and lots of deep vibes pervading the perfect drum programming.

Next up is ‘Garden Rain,’ a more playful and broken beat cut with the sound of bird call and dreamy vocals all drifting along next to the feel good drums.

This is a fun EP that offers three different but equally excellent cuts of fresh modern house music that is sure to win many fans in both the DJ and dancer realm.


PLR006 DkA Pamplemousse Bleu EP

Having started out in 2000, DkA has been working on several side-project's such as Brussels Pony Club, The Lizzies, Comute and Kelket all of which have been released on various labels such as Lift Your Head Up , By Awake and Blank Slate. Drawing his influences from hiphop, 70's funk and jazz, DkA fuses this together whilst maintaining a solid minimal tech and deep house feeling. Recently, Berlin-based label Amselcom has released his first EP "Ps I Love You" and he released a collaboration with Igor Vicente on Mobilee Records and Get Physical. After a first collaboration with Play Label Records last fall for a remix on Boss Axis' EP, DkA joins the label-team for a four-track EP, Pamplemousse Bleu.
Oscillating between Deep House and Tech House, DkA delivers three equally excellent original tracks. From the hypnotic "Sum" until mysterious almost techno "Landing At Night", he immerses the listeners in his universe and his world. The EP closes on the Exon Bacon's remix that embarks us in a Deep Techno mood.

PLR005 Latence Nebula EP

As a teenager Pablo aka Latence was submerged in the massive party scene emerging from Belgium in the early to mid 90's. Completely absorbed by the impressive momentum surrounding him, he started buying his first tunes, looking for a balance between the tracks that were popular in the scene and the sounds he heard in his head. His immaculate capability of cherrypicking the best of the past and the creme de la creme of new cutting edge dance music made him quickly noticed in the Brussels underground scene. Moreover growing up with a father who was a real music addict and a record collector, his childhood was filled with many musical styles and influences such as: Classic, Latin, Jazz, Funk, Disco and Electronic Music. Starting djing at the age of 16, his strong fascination for software technologies and hardware machines led him to quickly experiment music production for our greatest happiness.

So it is quite naturally that Play Label Records welcomes Latence for its fifth release. This four-track EP delivers us some strong Deep House vibes embellished with melodic touch and dynamic bassline. Those four equally qualitative tracks demonstrate brilliantly all the potential and the talent of this artist. There is no doubt that this EP will burn the dancefloors in the next months and will consolidate the already well-established catalog of the label.

PLR004 Jim Henderson Dreamcatcher EP

This 4-track release finds its structure in a Techno mood embellished with a deep and melodic touch. The artist embarks the listener into a journey in an ethereal country of dreams with subtle and enigmatic melody.

However, Jim Henderson didn’t forget the clubbers with the powerful and dynamic title track Dreamcatcher that will transform the dancefloor into a strong spaceship to dreamland.

The EP ends on the dreamy Broken Souls where the bewitching voice of Kayla Galand that sublimates the energetic melody and vigorous bassline.


PLR003 Boss Axis Continental EP

After two strong releases produced by Exon Bacon and Red’Out, Play Label Records welcomes its first international guest Boss Axis on its imprint.

Regular headliner of Parquet Recordings, this German duo completes the artistic direction of Play Label Records and consolidates a feeling that oscillates between a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit with an emotional summertime touch.

The feel good original mix of Continental opens the release and embarks the listeners into a summer deep house journey with dynamic punchy bassline on a highly heady melody. It is clearly the perfect track for all the beach or open air parties of this summer.
This one gets three great remixes from Marquez Ill, DkA and O.D.Math. This latter revisits the track in a more rhythmic way with a complete new arrangement of the percussions and a darker spirit and more electro touch on the melody. For its part, the Belgian artist DkA increase the rhythm while doing a great work on the synths that becomes a bit more hypnotic, bewitching and floating. The well-known Berlin-based artist Marquez Ill closes this release with a remix faithful to his musical universe oscillating between German Deep House and powerful Tech House.
With three strong releases, Play Label has proved that it is a label on which we must definitively keep an eye.


After a first strong release by Exon Bacon including three great remixes from Villanova, Yooj and DC Salas, Play Label Records presents another Brussels-based talent from its team, Red'Out.

The label continues to develop its artistic direction that oscillates between a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit.
The release is opened by the powerful and dynamically groovy Tangerine. Exploring the world between efficiency and minimalism, the Deep House atmosphere of the track will embark any dancefloor in an infinite journey. For his part, the Italian producer and DJ Stefano Ritteri revisits Tangerine and offers a Minimal Techno approach in a brilliant darkness spirit. The second Red'Out's original Smoke deploys a more lascivious style and takes the time to get across the soul and to awaken the parts of a body one by one. Lastly, the French duo Jules & Moss remixes Smoke in a strong melodic Techno dancefloor anthem!

PLR001 Exon Bacon Watching Dogs EP

After two strong releases on Electronical Reeds, the Brussels-based artist Exon Bacon inaugurates Play Label Records with his latest EP, Watching Dogs.

Play Label Records is the extension of the collective Play Label that has become a key player in the music scene of Brussels with more than hundreds of events to its credit. This first release sets up the artistic direction of this label that seeks to develope a real dancefloor approach and a strong party spirit.

The release is opened by the original mix that could be summarize with the expression 'powerful bassline, persistent heady voice and burning dancefloor'. The Parisian duo Villanova embarks us into a spin with a darker atmosphere, a deep foreground voice and a strong and repetitive gimmick. This remix reminds us why this Parisian duo knows such rapid ascent on the worldwide electronic scene. The Berlin-based and San Francisco born artist Yooj takes the opposite course to two first tracks with a deeper approach and a lighter atmosphere to offer a sunny and tasty deep house track that will delight all the dancefloor. Lastly, DC Salas, another Belgian talent, filters the voice, redefines the percussion and opens the horizon to take the direction of Tech House track.
This Exon Bacon's EP acts as the first of many milestones of a label to keep an eye on and to follow with great attention.