Previously known as Red’Out, Bendrik has always been interested in music. When he discovered the eletronic music scene at the age of 15, he totally fell in love with it and started producing his own tracks. It’s quite naturally that he started mixing in order to share his musical sensitivities. Bendrik makes his marks in parties between friends. Little by little he improves his skills in producing and djing and earns the right to perform his first ‘official’ gig which take place at the Nocturne de l’Ulb in front of 5000 persons. Thanks to that, the Play Label’s crew noticed him… It was the beginning of a long story…

Meanwhile, he released three EP on the Belgian label 17:44 records and then acquired a certain visibility which allowed him to play in famous Belgian clubs such as Knal, Fuse, Wood, Wax Club. He also plays at events like Apéros Urbain, Anarchic, Bruxelles les Bains, Woodstrasse with well-known artists. 

In 2014 he finally signed his first release under Play Label Records featuring two tracks "Tangerine" and "Smoke" remixed by Stefano Ritteri and Jule&Moss.

Nowadays Bendrik is spending his time between his studio, his residencies at The Wood and Play Label Records label nights.
His sexy-groovy-eclectic taste, both in his production and his sets, will delight you for sure!